3 reasons to join me in Scotland

Next year I will teach a class called Scribes in Scotland: Wandering, wondering, writing with the CCSA Summer 2018 Program and this is your personal invitation to join me on that adventure. I offer you three reasons why you should come write with me in Scotland: A journey designed for writers: This class is designed to

Why Visit Scotland?

I will teach a class, Scribes in Scotland, in Scotland during the Summer of 2018 with CCSA. Why Scotland, you ask? Literary inspiration: From Robert Burns to literary giant Sir Walter Scott to Irvine Welsh to Alistair Gray, Scotland abounds with writers inspired by the land. Castles: Scotland is home to a variety of amazing castles

Choosing a Study Abroad Program

A pitch for CCSA So you have decided to study abroad, but now that you have made that decision how do you choose the right program for you? There are many options when it comes to study abroad. There are faculty-run programs, college/university-run programs, and larger programs — some that are consortia with college/university affiliation