3 reasons to join me in Scotland

Next year I will teach a class called Scribes in Scotland: Wandering, wondering, writing with the CCSA Summer 2018 Program and this is your personal invitation to join me on that adventure. I offer you three reasons why you should come write with me in Scotland: A journey designed for writers: This class is designed to

Why Visit Scotland?

I will teach a class, Scribes in Scotland, in Scotland during the Summer of 2018 with CCSA. Why Scotland, you ask? Literary inspiration: From Robert Burns to literary giant Sir Walter Scott to Irvine Welsh to Alistair Gray, Scotland abounds with writers inspired by the land. Castles: Scotland is home to a variety of amazing castles

Come to Scotland and write with me

Next Summer I plan to visit Scotland to wander, wonder, and write with the  CCSA (Cooperative Center for Study Abroad) Summer 2018 program. Learn more about the class that I (Dr. Deanna Mascle of Morehead State University) will teach for the CCSA Summer 2018 Program in Scotland: Scribes in Scotland: Wandering, wondering, writing