3 reasons to join me in Scotland

Next year I will teach a class called Scribes in Scotland: Wandering, wondering, writing with the CCSA Summer 2018 Program and this is your personal invitation to join me on that adventure. I offer you three reasons why you should come write with me in Scotland:

  1. A journey designed for writers: This class is designed to help you grow as a writer. You will sharpen your observation and literary skills as well as develop a worldwide network of fellow writers. Check out the class flyer and syllabus to get a sense of what we have planned and remember that Scotland has inspired both historic and modern writers in a variety of genres — so how can it fail to inspire you? More details about the Scribes in Scotland class can be found here.
  2. It’s Scotland! Scotland is a beautiful country with amazing scenery, unique cities, storied people, castles galore, and a strong literary tradition. Learn more about why you should visit Scotland here.
  3. You need to study abroad: Every college student should study abroad because it offers you competitive advantages for both graduate school and the job market, helps you grow as a person, and offers incomparable life experiences. Learn more about why you should study abroad here.

Do you have questions about Scribes in Scotland? Contact d.mascle (at) moreheadstate.edu

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