Why Visit Scotland?

I will teach a class, Scribes in Scotland, in Scotland during the Summer of 2018 with CCSA. Why Scotland, you ask?

  1. Literary inspiration: From Robert Burns to literary giant Sir Walter Scott to Irvine Welsh to Alistair Gray, Scotland abounds with writers inspired by the land.
  2. Castles: Scotland is home to a variety of amazing castles from ancient relics to modern museums – and every castle comes with interesting stories that frame Scotland’s turbulent history.
  3. Cities: Edinburgh and Glasgow are the cornerstones of our trip and both offer unique, individual charm. From the uber-modern parliament building in Edinburgh and the stunning Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Museum, to Glasgow’s menu of Art Deco Mackintosh masterpieces, Scottish baronial buildings and imposing gothic structures, Scotland’s buildings are as eclectic as its people.
  4. Scenery: Scotland boasts a rugged, beautiful landscape with enchanting valleys and snow-capped mountains and breathtaking lochs.
  5. People: The Scots are a storied people who have had a dramatic impact on the development of modern culture throughout the world thanks to their writers, explorers, and inventors.

Come wander, wonder, and write with me in Scotland this summer as we explore the streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as the Scottish Highlands to study what happened in those places, who lived in those places, and what those places mean — and in the process we will gain a better understanding of our own places, our own identities, and our own meanings.

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